[Review] Flexispy Coupon Code 2015


Are you searching for a cellphone spy software or mobile monitoring software that is easy to setup and install? We have got one of the popular spy app, also the best spy app for android and iPhone today. Flexispy Review will help you decide and purchase the best spy software for smartphones and tablets like iPad and Android Tablets. Flexispy is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Nokia Phones and Blackberry Devices as well.

Flexispy Android Password Cracker and Apple iPhone Password Cracker are also popular because of its friendly user interface and affordable pricing.

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Flexispy for Android allows you to spy on android mobiles and android tablets in less than 2 minutes after installation. Once installed, it gives you full control of the android mobile phone or tablet and let you listen to live phone calls, read messages, apps usage and collect complete phone data.

These collected data are automatically uploaded to your Flexispy account and you can monitor the android or iPhone using your personal computer or mobile device remotely. Simply login to Flexispy Dashboard and access all the collected data anytime, anywhere.

FlexiSpy Online Dashboard:

Before reading the quick review of Flexispy for Android and Flexispy for iPhone, i like to tell you an important reason, why you should download and use flexispy and how easy it is to setup and use by anyone. FlexiSpy Online Dashboard is the highlight which collects all the user data, phone data and store it securely under your flexispy account. You can login anytime and review the phone data that includes the following from any mobile or computer you own through an Internet connection.

Flexispy: You can now become a 007 James Bond with this powerful and handy spy tool for iPhone and Android.

Flexispy Feature highlights:

You can listen to live phone calls remotely
Anytime, listen to the surroundings by accessing phone’s microphone remotely without letting the phone owner know.
Access and View Photos, Videos, Recorded Audio Files and any data stored in Memory Cards, SD Cards, and Phone’s Storage.
Read Whatsapp messages, Spy on Facebook Messenger data, Instant Messengers, Skype Messages and Calls, Viber, WeChat Conversations, BBM and any apps usage and data.
Remotely take photos using phone owners camera without their knowledge.
Access, Read Browsers Web History, Passwords Stored, Device Apps Data, Email accounts, messages and data.
Set and Receive alerts whenever the phone enters certain Prohibited areas configured by you with the help of GPS tracking feature.
Flexispy runs in stealthy mode very well, so the user never knows that they are being monitored.
Track cell phone location, GPS Data and alerts feature helps you to monitor 24/7 effectively.

These highlighted features are available for both Android and iOS running iPhone’s. Flexispy is very well compatible with latest Android OS version and iOS version running iPhone’s and iPads.

Flexispy Dashboard Screenshots: