[Tut] Skype 6.6 for XP SP2 getlogicalprocessorinformation KERNEL32. dll


Fix fatal error getlogicalprocessorinformation (KERNEL 32.dll) error

i have a problem in opening the skype… a fatal error getlogicalprocessorinformation (KERNEL 32.dll) had occured and its nt opening the skpye… plz let me know what 2 do.

If you would actually take the time to read the thread you posted in, you would see the solution has already been provided not only in this thread but countless others.

Your computer does not meet Skype’s OS/Service Pack requirement. You will need to upgrade to XP Service Pack 3 via (www.windowsupdate.com) or (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24). If you do not choose to update your XP Service pack then Skype 6.6 will be the final release that works with your computer.

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