[Review] Ray Scalper v2.0 | Update M15 and H1 channels

06th April, 2013 : Ray Scalper V2.0 – What is new, comparision to version 1.9 and Live Test vs Back Test study

Ray Scalper V2.0 will trade similar to V1.9 in default-recommended mode. The only change made to the strategy/trade entry is addition of M15 channel support/resistance. In V1.9, H1 channels was introduced to make the EA more dynamic and adapt to changes in price action faster. Version 2.0 has been improved further by being able to provide an additional level of support/Resistance from M15 channel. The effect and advantages of M15 channels are usually seen in very volatile market conditions. The new version can adapt better and much faster than earlier version when we see extended sessions of fast moving/high range price movements. By volatile markets, we do not mean spikes or choppy price action usually seen during new release.

The major changes to strategy are listed below:

Version 2.0 will interpret M15 and H1 channels (V1.9 had only H1 channels)
With Conservative settings, StopLoss will be moved to first level Support/resistance
Custom parameters to control maximum trade duration.
Custom parameters to control EA activation/deactivation at specified time.
Parameter to enable hidden TP, SL and Trailing SL
Parameter to force EA to close trades at specified time (avoids open trades over weekend)
Parameter to specify percentage of capital to be used by EA
Visual display of trailing SL trigger Level
Display of EA’s trade entry and exit levels from account history
improved licensing module (Requires Email ID for validation)
Solves the anti-virus false Positive trigger and missing DLL issues seen in some systems
Improved DLL file encryption

Strategy test result comparison between v2.0 and v1.9

How to get Ray Scalper v.2.0 ?

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