[Promo] EVauld Ironclad Cloud Storage 100 GB


EVault 100GB FREE Cloud Backup – Our Great Offer Just Got Better

When EVault launched its first freemium, 100GB of cloud backup in December 2012, it was the first of its kind. Unlike other cloud storage vendors who were offering a few gigs of storage to consumers, Evault sought to address a business community that needed to protect critical data residing on business servers.

The response to that offer was tremendous. For business customers EVault’s December Freemium offer was sweet relief from other, one-size-fits-all types (actually) tailored to end-users who wanted to backup their photos and mp3 files.

Because EVault likes to “Go Big”, for that offer we put 100 ‘iron-clad’ GB of cloud datacenter storage behind our business grade backup solution. Despite all this and the high demand we received there was one chief complaint – the expiration date. You see, that free 100GB offer ended on December 31, which caused many to miss the registration deadline. So we received a lot of messages from business users explaining that (either) they’d been on holiday, their offices had shut down or they had the flu…yada yada…and that’s why they missed the deadline.

Back By Popular Demand – 100GB Free Business-Grade Cloud Protection for Your Server! EVault SaaS

There’s good news for all those business users who missed the boat the first time – we’re bringing back the EVault 100GB cloud backup freemium for business servers! By registering you get 100GB of file and folder protection for one Windows file server using EVault’s business-grade, iron-clad, cloud backup solution. See the graphic for more details.
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