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Anti Tracks is your complete solution for erasing the evidence that gets stored on your computer each time you visit a website, view a video, and open or create a new file. With tools that allow you to erase your tracks, lock and hide files, and a whole lot more, you can work freely and securely on your computer without the worry of leaving a trail of tracks behind for prying eyes to see.

The program walks you through a series of configuration windows on first start that you can use to configure initial settings. Here you can for instance configure which browser and Windows data you want cleaned up when you use it to delete temporary data and files.

Here you can select the following program options: (read more)


Eliminate the risk of having sensitive information recovered by permanently removing all traces of recovery data that your computer’s delete key doesn’t eliminate-including on computers you use that aren’t your own!
Prevent malicious and other web sites from capturing your real IP address and using it against you.
Wipe all web browser history and all Windows usage history clean so that it can never be viewed or recovered by anyone.
Schedule automatic erasing of your tracks upon browser shutdown, Windows startup or shutdown, and/or at specific time intervals to ensure continued privacy.
Adobe Photoshop, Windows media player, WinZip . . . no matter what the application, Anti Tracks ensures all your application usage history is erased for good!
Hide files and folders you don’t want others to know exist on your computer by disguising them as photos or audio files-no one will ever know there’s something hidden inside.
Permanently erase files and folders from your computer with the world’s most trusted & secure file shredding algorithms, which meet and exceed government file shredding standards.
Keep others from seeing what you’re working on when they enter the room by hiding the files and any evidence of the programs you’re using with one simple keystroke.
Improve your email program’s response time by deleting old emails and removing junk mail and spam that have the potential to compromise your computer’s security.

The functionality is certainly impressive, especially if you have the intention to use several of the features it makes available regularly.

I ran into a couple of errors during tests which always displayed an error report and the option to send or exit the error notification. Especially the track eraser and junk file cleaner displayed errors, while other features worked just fine. I can’t really say if this is a general issue with the program or if is limited to the test system or the Windows 7 Pro 64-bit operating system.

The program is not as easy to use as CCleaner but that is largely because of all of the features that it displays in the interface. This should not be a problem if you plan on use the program regularly, but it may take a couple of runs to get used to it.

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