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Phoggi is Cell Phone monitoring Software to monitor all mobile phone activities. Read Text Messages, View Call History, Track Location and much more

Cell Phone Monitoring application for Parents and Employers compatible with Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.

Phoggi is a mobile phone monitoring application available on all Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. Once installed on the phone, the application runs discretely in the background of the phone and continues to upload all phone data onto a secure online server for the user to view at any time.

Phoggi is aimed at Parents who are worried about their Child’s safety. Phoggi is also aimed at Employers who want to keep track of their employees at all times.

Some of the key features of Phoggi inlcude Geo Location tracking, Call Log, SMS Log, Photos, Appointments, Browser History. All the data is discretely uploaded onto a web interface for user to view at any time.

Phoggi Features

View Call History
Phoggi can get you instant access to the complete call records of any phone so quit worrying about who they are talking to and get ready to confront them with the truth.

Read Sms
Phoggi helps you look at all SMS messages sent and received from anyone’s phone so say goodbye to wondering about what they are texting and say hello to always being in the know.

View Contacts
Phoggi lets you do that and more by granting you access to the contact lists of any mobile phone. The time for guess work is over as you can now find out exactly who they socialize with by looking at the numbers saved on their mobile phone.

View Browser History
Phoggi gives you the power to look at any mobile phone’s web browsing history so you can see what they’re looking at and do something about it.

View Bookmarks
With Phoggi, you can look at all the websites that they’ve set as bookmarks so you can get a real idea of the kind of stuff they use their phone’s web browser for.

Track Geo Location
Phoggi gives you access to the exact GPS location of any mobile phone user at any time you want so stop joining the dots and looking for clues and just get the exact location simply displayed on a map.

View Appointments
Phoggi grants your wish by letting you look at all appointments saved on any mobile phone’s appointment scheduler. You don’t have to rely on their word to know where they’re going to be at a certain time anymore, you can just see for yourself.

View Photos Taken
Phoggi gives you complete access to any pictures snapped with or downloaded into a mobile phone so you can have a look at their photography portfolio and be sure of the kind of images they’re capturing.

Remote Monitoring
Once you have successfully installed and activated Phoggi, all you need to do to get access to bucket loads of monitoring data from the monitored phone is just login to your personal online user area. This is where you will be able to see each and every aspect of the monitored mobile phone’s usage stats.

Download : phoggi.com/

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