[TOP 8] Best Android Smartphones 2012


1. Samsung Galaxy S III: Samsung Galaxy S3 is the one that is the one that is at present occupying the throne and is ruling over the other Android based smartphones. The highlighting features of Galaxy S3 are the S-Voice, a 4.8 inches screen, eyeball movement tracker, S Beam and the heavy NFC technology. The one feature that was expected was the quad-core processor, but the Qualcomm’s dual-core processor did not disappoint either. [Read more Link]

2. HTC One Series: This one is a beauty. The best part about this is it’s camera that is widely appreciated globally. Although Nokia came up with their 41MP camera, HTC One Series phones have still made sure that they have got the perfect one. HTC One Mobile shoots well over 4 frames/sec and clocks a Wild shutter speeds of 0.7 seconds. Also it has got the ability to capture videos and photos at the same time that can be shoot in various modes. It comes with inbuilt filters and effects that are more or less similar to that of Instagram. Beats By Dr. Dre provides it the best and high-quality audio. [Read more Link]

3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Ever since it was launched in Hong Kong, there are so many customers who wanted to get a hold of this model. Looks like it is the first Smartphone that operates using Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The performance is simply mind blowing coupled with jet fast data speeds. Although there are no hardware keys present, it sure has a touch sensitive back and search keys that are added in the form of soft keys. This and a lot more features are a sign of the increasing demand for this model. [ Link]
Galaxy Nexus

4. Samsung Galaxy Note: When Dell Streak was introduced in the markets, it was quite evident that it was a model that made an attempt to be more like a mobile phone with tablet like features. However it was not all that great. Galaxy Note on the other hand looks like it has successfully accomplished that job. It has become the favorite of the business class. [Read more Link]
Samsung Galaxy Note

5. HTC EVO 4G LTE: If you are looking for a phone that is at par with Sprints’ network advances, then look no further than this model. It comprises of a stunning rear camera and microSD card slot. You can hold it with ease. It operates on Android 4.0. You can also enjoy the added comfort of Beats Audio. [ Link]

6. Sony Xperia S: The only mobile that hit the market under the brand of Sony excluding “Ericsson”. This model provides an awesome visual feel with the Bravia Mobile Engine, NFC and reports state that Xperia is the first Android mobile which has a 12 megapixel camera. [Read more Link]

7. HTC Evo 3D: It is an undeniable fact that Sprint and HTC make a deadly combination. It is much more than a 3D display. Users will be instantly attracted to its slim feel in addition to most updated Sense user interface. [Read more Link]

8. LG Optimus 4X HD: This gorgeous yet powerful phone has not failed to meet up to the expectations of users. The high light of this model is quad-core Tegra 3 processor. [Read more Link]

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