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TuckAway key features

Filing emails into the right folder by automatically predicting the destination.
Sorting sent emails by prompting (optionally) you when sending.
Moving entire email thread stores an email reply together with the original email as well as moving the entire thread to a different folder at any time.
Quick folder navigation lets you choose the folder by typing just the first few letters.
Intelligent folder suggestion is an intelligent filing system that studies the way you store emails and suggests the best folder to store each email. Because the system learns from the user, it becomes more and more accurate over time.
Exchange account support allows working with “public folders” in a business environment.
Choosing default folder – allows you to choose the default “sent items” folder.
TuckAway Outlook controls provides easy access to TuckAway functions and configuration options.

How to get ?

Step 1. Visit giveaway page registrationhome.html

Step 2. Fill your email address to get license key

Step 3. Click “Proceed to download

Step 4. Download and active