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Built for Speed!
Pintensify was built from the ground up for speed and efficiency. All interactions with pinterest are 100% socket based and Scheduled with precision! Pintensify Gives you the speed you Need to take your Pinterest Marketing to the next level!

Built in Scheduler
The advanced built in Scheduler Keeps your tasks running 24 Hours 7 Days without leaving time based footprints. All tasks have a minimum and maximum time to wait and a random time between these will be generated for more natural looking pinterest usage.

Doesn’t use your Browser
Unlike many other applications Pintensify does not use your Browser or any Browser API’s giving you less bandwidth usage and speed that is unparalleled to the competition. This also gives you absolute portability with very few system requirements you can run Pintensify on your Favorite VPS or your home computer without any interruption to your daily tasks.

Cross Platform
Pintensify is 100% Cross Platform, wether you run Windows, Mac OSX or Linux we have you covered.
Full Minimum Operating System Specifications after the break..

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