[Tut] Online Shopping Tips for Save $


Internet Shopping makes the life easier when we search for some specific rare product to purchase. It is not possible to buy any product in our nearest stores and shopping malls. We have to give a search in some shopping websites before deciding to travel to some places. We save a lot of Time when we shop online. When you find best deals, promos, coupon codes, or discount coupons then you can Save more money than you purchase directly on stores. Its not just shopping websites that uses attractive Deals and Coupons to get more customers, its the Brands who gives Offers and Coupon Codes only for people who purchase through their website.

Online Shopping is not just limited to Computers. You can now shop from your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab or any other Android Tablets and Smartphones very well. Maximum shopping sites are compatible with mobile phone viewing.

Tip #1: Search for Reviews

Make sure you search for a review of a product that you like to purchase. Dont fall for false reviews posted by the product team itself on some websites. Search little more in your favorite search engines and get honest reviews from users who have already purchased and used that product. You can read reviews in the shopping website itself, as the existing buyers will leave a feedback about the seller and the product quality as well.

Tip #2: Give Priority to Safety

Security should be the primary concern when you decide to use your Credit Card online at some websites that you have landed to purchase something. There are websites simply displays the product at attractive price and never send the products to the mentioned address. There will be no contact person at the end when you realize you been scammed or visited a phishing website. So make sure you have a proper antivirus, internet security software installed in your computer to detect such phishing websites. Take time to read reviews and visitor ratings about a website as well.

Tip #3: Read about Refund / Replacement

Give some time to read about the Refund Policy and Replacement Guarantee written for the product by the seller or shopping website. This prevents and answers your questions like “Product it not as explained” “Product not received” “How to get Refund” and so on. When we apply for refund of the product that we have received, it is our responsibility and expense to send the product back to the seller in order to get it replaced or to initiate the Refund process.

Tip #4: Check Seller Reputation

Read seller reputation always, as the existing buyers leave opinions and their views about the Product they purchased, Delivery time and Buyer personal review or note about the seller. This many time helps us to understand about the seller we choose to buy from, and save us from wasting time and money. There are sellers who simply sell smuggling goods and duplicate products through online shopping website. So it is better to read reviews and check for seller reputation.

Tip #5: Shipping Costs

Calculate the Total price before completing the purchase. Sometimes, the saving plan goes waste when the seller adds huge shipping cost to the product. So use the “Search” feature to decide the best price for the product, considering above mentioned points as well.

Tip #6: Search for Best Deals, Coupons and Promo Codes

Every shopping website has this box left blank by default at the Payment page. You have to use some extra resources to find best deals, promo codes and coupon codes for the product that you like to purchase online. You can use websites like Retailmenot.com, Coupons.com and few other. We do have some best deals and promotions running for Windows and Mac software, where you can get upto 50% and more off. Use the search feature at the top right corner above to search for famous antivirus and internet security software coupons.

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