[Free download] Avira Mac Security FREE


Avira Free Mac Security is a free virus checker for both consumers and businesses. The developers Avira claim to have based the software on extensive interviews with users to create the one of the most usable and effective virus checkers on the market.

Avira Free Mac Security follows a “back to basics” format with a simple interface that’s straightforward and easy on the eye. It requires very little configuration and everything is automated from scans to virus database updates. Avira Free Mac Security makes checks in Real-Time and automatically quarantines anything that may damage your Mac. You can of course perform manual scans, customize scan depth as well as schedule scans.

Avira Free Mac Security detects both Mac viruses as well as Windows viruses thus preventing the possibility of Windows viruses infecting your system via virtual environment software. Individual users will have the license automatically updated. Businesses can centrally upload new licenses to machines on a network if they obtain a special separate license file from Avira.
– it updates the detection,
– performs a quick scan,
– checks for untreated viruses,
– checks if the Real-Time Protection is running,
– the default update job is activated,
– fixes possible security issues

Download avira_mac_security.pkg