[TOP 10] TOP 10 add-on Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera 2012


#1 GNews :

This add-on lets you read the latest headlines from Google News without leaving your current tab. Choose news categories that interest you, such as Entertainment. Technology and Sport, to receive notifications when new stories are added.

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#2 GMail Search :

This simple but useful extension lets you search your Gmail account from the Omnibar. Just type gs (for GMail Search) into the address bar. press the Tab key or Space bar and enter a search term to find matching messages in your in box.

Install GMail Search Extension
#3 Beat the Boot By Google :

Google has updated this fun Chrome app. which lets you play a selection of games that each last eight seconds. It’s designed to promote the speedy boot time of Chromebooks. See how many points you can score in five rounds by brushing teeth and completing other challenges.
Take the Chromebook Boot Up Challenge and test your speed skills. Five games in less than one minute. How fast are you?

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#4 HisNoise

HisNoise offers a choice of sounds that can tune out background distractions, such as roadworks, to help you focus on your browser. Options include white noise, waves and thunderstorm, and you can adjust the audio to suit your ears.

Install Extension HisNoise
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons:
#5 Do Not Track Plus

This add-on stops advertising companies, social networks and other data collectors following you around the web, and keeps a running total of the number of trackers blocked. It’s also available for Chrome and Safari.

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#6 Tranquility

Tranquility makes online articles easier to read by removing unwanted elements from the page, such as images. adverts and social-media buttons. Just click the toolbar button to strip surplus content. or press Ctrl+Alt+T.

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#7 Side Tabs

As its name suggests. this add-on moves your tabs to the side of the Firefox window for easier access. By default, this is on the left. but you can switch to the right by changing the setting in Side Tab’s Options.

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#8 Cheevos

Cheevos awards you points for performing certain tasks in Firefox. The clues that point you toward these achievements are fairly cryptic, so you can either try to decipher them or just click randomly around the browser.

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Opera Extensions:
#9 InvisibleHand

Better late than never, we say. One of our favourite browser add-ons has finally been released for Opera. InvisibleHand saves you money on products, flights. hotels and more by telling you where to find the cheapest prices online.

Download Add-on
#10 Send To Reader

This useful Opera add-on lets you send web pages to your Kindle to read on the move. Once you’ve opened a free Send To Reader account, you just click the tool bar button to transfer pages. It’s also available for Firefox and Chrome.

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