[Free download] System Explorer Version 3.8.4

Features of SystemExplorer Version 3.8.4 :

· Detailed informations about Tasks, Processes, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files
· Easy check of suspicious files via VirusTotal service.
· Easy search details about file/process via online databases
· Easy access to System Utilities
· Performance graphs for monitoring usage of system resources in time
· Action History for monitoring processes activities
· Making of System Snapshots for easy finding of system changes.
· Multiple language support (English, Espanol, Deutsch, Portuguese, Japanese)

What’s New in SystemExplorer 3.8 :

· Full support for 64-bit OS
· Fully functional under standard user rights. No elevation needed
· Removed yellow bar requesting elevation and “Require Admin rights” option
· Added list of modules for 64bit processes in Process Details
· Added command line for 64bit processes in Processes
· Added new 32-bit and 64-bit service
· Added “Show processes from all users” option
· Improved Process Details dialog
· Performance graphs repaint issues fixed
· Updated translations

Download: SystemExplorerSetup_384.exe