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Why Usenet?

Secure 100% protection of your privacy. There is no censorship or logging of any IP adddresses and other personal information with XS Usenet.

Fast The fastest method for exchanging information and files over the internet. Try us out today with our free 10Mbit package or profit straight away from our competitively priced 100Mbit package. For more information about our paid packages please refer to Premium.

More choices For over 30 years people have been building on the Usenet retention. Worldwide already more then 2500 terabyte of unique data has been stored. Every day this amount grows with more then 9 terabyte. At XS Usenet u profit from over 600 days of retention.

For everyone Usenet is here for everyone. Search in over 500 million files and download anything with the ease of a single click.

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