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Global Protection 2012: Protects 3 PC for 1 year. Product page. Now 50% off

Global Protection 2012: is a well-rounded premium security suite that delivers an effective all-in-one solution to PC security. The suite boasts effective antivirus measures, solid antispyware protection, identity security features and an easy-to-contact customer support staff. Whether you’re paying bills online or just want to safeguard your data and identity, Panda Global Protection includes everything you need to stay connected to the internet safely.
While Global Protection 2012: is effective, we think the user interface can be confusing and includes many less-than-useful settings. Its core tools and functions work well and despite a couple of unhelpful items, the program runs well on a PC with modest tech specs. The addition of a virtual keyboard, remote PC access and file shredder are welcome additions to the suite. In terms of dollars and cents however, this security suite is considerably more expensive than the competitors but we still think it is worthy of consideration.
Arguably the most important part of a Premium Security Suite, antivirus and antispyware protection are represented with much enthusiasm with Panda Global Protection. This program is explicit when looking for malware, specializing in eliminating viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, bots, and up-and-coming malware of the like.
With Global Protection 2012: you can scan your computer on a set schedule or manually, whichever works best for you. This program can scan the entire computer—which we recommend you do at night because it takes a fair amount of time—or it can scan small section of your PC separately.
To ensure your computer is safe from rootkits, this program has also implemented advanced anti-rootkit technology which searches out threats hiding in the dark corners of your PC. These crafty malware quietly observe your personal information and report it back to an outside source; an all around bad experience.
Global Protection 2012:  does a great job of keeping unwanted entities out of your computer. Be it worms or hackers, Global Protection’s firewall manages to keep them at bay. We especially liked how well this program controlled the flow of desired information out and undesired information from coming in, as well as the stealth mode which hides the entrance portal to your computer.

Internet Security

Global Protection offers advanced internet security and proactive antivirus and antispyware. This program will bring your attention to what sites are safe, and which may contain viruses and other malware. This program also offers instant messaging protection which keeps your computer safe from adverse foreign software entering your computer. This feature is offered for MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AOL traffic.
Global Protection also takes into account that malware is always evolving. In that light they have applied more advanced technologies which include genetic heuristics and their TruPrevent 2.0 behavioral analysis program.

PC Utility Tools

Global Protection 2012: has a decent reporting section. It shows statistics of which threats are being blocked and what sort of activity you have going on in your computer. This section also shows what areas your computer is most vulnerable in. One aspect we particularly like in this section is the alerts which spread themselves in the top portion of the status section. When all is well, this section is green; but when threats are evident, this section turns to yellow, which indicates small threats, and red, which indicates severe threats.
This program also has a rescue disk, allowing you to scan your computer using an untainted disc in the event that a virus affects your boot system. Most users appreciate the added security the file shredder and virtual keyboard provide. The suite’s included remote access capability gives mobile users and telecommuters secure access to their PC, regardless of where they’re physically located.

Additional Features

Panda Global Protection has many solid defenses built into its system that help prevent identity theft. An anti-phishing filter is constantly up and running. This feature is designed to catch fraudulent emails designed to protect you from online scams. Panda Global Protection also has an anti-banking Trojan engine which protects you from having your information stolen while shopping or banking online.
To protect the young eyes who may be using your computer, this program has implemented a parental control features. This program is designed to block sites that you as the user deem inappropriate for children. While we think this is a feature that should be in every Premium Security Suite, we were unable to activate it when we were using this program. We are unsure why, but it simply sat dormant and unclickable on the status page.
There is also no mobile device security, a feature we’d like to see more of in this age of iPhones and BlackBerrys.
We’re giving Panda Global Protection a pat on the back and a poke in the ribs for this section. We liked that they offered local and online backup with 2 GB of memory, which seems to be plenty of space to store sensitive or important documents. We also liked that we were able to backup our documents to an external source like a CD or flash drive. However, we found this section of Panda Global Protection to be confusing and unclear. We were also a little put out with the fact that you must pay for your online backup after a year of use.

Ease of Use

In the beginning this program seems to be one of the easiest on the market to use. The Status section of this program is simple and clear, providing the user with a great spring board into the software. Under this section there are three categories, protection, maintenance, and updates, which encompass the majority of what you’ll need from this program.
Once you’ve jumped into one of those categories, however, Panda Global Protection is not the easiest program to use. Some sections, such as Automatic Backup Copy, do not have clear directions as to how to perform the task at hand. This left us a little discouraged, and in some instances, completely frustrated. We were also less than thrilled with how long it took to scan our computer. The scanning time was certainly much longer in comparison with our top rated products.


Global Protection 2012:  really stood out in this area. In addition to extensive online resources including FAQ sections, user forums, a support blog and more, they added an internet tech support link in the Service section of the program. This link takes you directly to Panda Global Protection’s technical support page and serves as a convenient resource to users.
Although not as polished as our top rated products, Panda Global Protection is a solid program. It has everything and more in regards to antivirus and antispyware, as well as offering a good firewall and internet security. However, for the price, this is not one of the best products out there.

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Global Protection 2012:  Protects 3 PC for 1 year. Product page.  Now 50% off


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