[Giveaway] CyberGhost -celebrates its 1.000.000th user – Pay 12, get 24 Pay 12, get 24


CyberGhost is on the ‘Hunt for the 1 MILLIONTH USER’, our 1.000.000th Internet Ghost – and it might be YOU! If that’s so, what’s going to happen, look forward for the bells to ring, a monstrous 2 year CyberGhost Premium Plus subscription and a nice little trip to our headquarter in Romania (worth: 1.000 €) – just to make sure we really exist!
BUT, since there can be only one Number One and she (or he) needs to have a registered CyberGhost account, we broadened our celebration and extended it to ALL our users, free or registered, as well as to ALL our friends, fans & supporters.CyberGhost network will be expanded up to 1.000.000 registered user! Reason enough, to celebrate their long way coming from a simple web interface up to a full grown company and of course the 1.000.000th user itself.
CyberGhost offer a special promotion: “Pay 12, get 24″. This promotion will be valid between Oct. 28th and Nov. 11th and be comprised of 24 months CyberGhost VPN for the price of a one year subscription, regardless the type of subscription, be it “CyberGhost VPN Classic“, “CyberGhost Premium” or “CyberGhost Premium Plus“.

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