[Join] Amazon Associates Program – The best affiliate networks


Amazon is excellent affiliate network to join if you want to sell products from your site or blog. Amazon has excellent stats and the links are very easy to create and place on your web pages.You also have the option of creating your own store with Amazon aStores. Amazon also now has context link ads and Widgets!Commission rates are somewhat lower than the other networks but making sales thru Amazon is much, much easier. You will make more sales mainly because Amazon is a well known and trusted online company. Amazon now pays monthly.
It’s free and easy to become an Amazon Associate. Our program allows affiliate marketers to get access to the latest features and tools for website monetization and gives developers the ability to access our Amazon Associates Web Services tools and APIs

I. How to join ?

Two ways :

1. Join Here

2. Join via Blogspot

II. How much money can you make on amazon Associates ???

###,###,### $ :))

III. Tip Amazon Associates for you

1. Buil web/blog ang Trafic

2. Add banners

3. Compare and use other merchants in the same niche

4. Brain :))